isCOBOL Evolve

COBOL development + Java deployment = simplified software distribution and accelerated innovation

isCOBOL Evolve

Comprehensive, cost-effective platform for COBOL application development, deployment, maintenance and modernization

  • Improve ROI and dramatically lower COBOL licensing fees
  • Simplify application development and deployment, accelerate time-to-market
  • Preserve and extend COBOL through Java technology without rewriting or retraining
  • Enhance Web integration, data flexibility and interoperability; seamlessly integrate with external JEE Server Environments
  • Support a wide range of data access options

isCOBOL Evolve is a complete application environment for developing and deploying COBOL applications across Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Windows and Mac systems. Supporting the latest ANSI and legacy dialects, isCOBOL Evolve uniquely blends proven COBOL development with the unlimited potential of Java platform deployment -- delivering true portability, easy extensibility and a clear path forward for business-critical applications.


isCOBOL at a glance

isCOBOL Evolve offers a compelling, cost-effective alternative to distributed COBOL platforms such as Micro Focus® extend® (formerly AcuCOBOL-GT®) and RM/COBOL®.

By compiling COBOL code into Java, isCOBOL software allows your organization to retain and enhance valuable COBOL application and development assets, while taking full advantage of the Java technology platform in deployment.

In addition to a robust COBOL compiler, integrated development environment (IDE), graphical and remote source-level debugging facility and numerous data access options, isCOBOL Evolve has a portable graphical user interface (GUI) and is able to execute on any device running the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) – from mainframes to mobile phones.

isCOBOL Evolve supports ANSI-85 and legacy COBOL dialects, so application code can quickly be replatformed to an isCOBOL environment with typically little or no change. With isCOBOL technology, all development and debugging tasks are performed in a familiar, flexible and user-friendly COBOL environment -- no retraining or rewriting code required. The isCOBOL Compiler translates COBOL source code into Java classes that are then executed with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

The modular design of isCOBOL Evolve supports a wide range of data access options. All common COBOL file organizations and record types are supported, including Indexed, Relative, Binary Sequential, and Line Sequential file organizations, with fixed and variable length records. isCOBOL has a built-in ESQL compiler that translates embedded SQL (EXEC SQL) statements to JDBC calls, and also supports Pro*COBOL and DB2 Precompilers.

The isCOBOL platform includes isCOBOL JISAM, a 100% Java-based ISAM file system that enables fast and efficient access to data files as well as a sophisticated, remote debugger to perform source level debugging activities such as stepping through COBOL source code, setting breakpoints, and monitoring variables.

Because the isCOBOL Runtime Environment is implemented in Java, the result is an extremely portable, robust solution that simplifies development, administration and implementation tasks. Application modernization efforts, such as improved integration and interoperability are also made easier.

isCOBOL technology

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isCOBOL compiler

100% portable COBOL compiler supporting the latest ANSI standards as well as common legacy dialects; includes support for Object Oriented COBOL, Unicode, JavaBean graphical controls and automatic translation of ESQL to JDBC

isCOBOL Runtime Environment

Run applications on any device supporting the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) -- from mainframes to mobile phones


Adaptable, graphical, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for key COBOL development tasks

isCOBOL Debugger

100% portable, graphical COBOL source-level debugger that includes support for remote debugging

isCOBOL Application Server

High performance, multithreaded thin client fileserver and bidirectional distributed processing

isCOBOL Extend Internet System

Umbrella of tools and features for Web Applications to deliver the ability to build the next generation of commercial applications and services. It provides a state-of-the-art technology to develop modern applications based on the architecture, function and appearance of HTML5 and CSS3.


100% Java-based ISAM file system that runs on a wide range of platforms including mobile OS like Android

isCOBOL Database Bridge

A Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that reads a specified COBOL file description from existing COBOL source files and generates an isCOBOL file system interface implemented with ESQL in COBOL


Enable easy access to COBOL data files from Java and Windows applications

isCOBOL Mobile for Android

Bring COBOL code on mobile devices reusing the existing backend COBOL logic.

Complementary technology

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c-treeRTG Evolve

A scalable, transactional ISAM environment that includes a SQL interface option

Key features and benefits

  • 100% Java-based COBOL Compiler

    isCOBOL Evolve takes 'Compile Once, Run Anywhere' to a new level. The platform agnostic, ANSI-compliant isCOBOL Compiler simplifies deployment and eliminates the need to maintain different application code bases for different operating environments. This 100% Java-based COBOL compiler allows developers to use the same compiler on a variety of platforms, without requiring multiple development licenses.

  • 100% Java Runtime Environment

    The completely portable isCOBOL Runtime Environment eliminates the need for developers to code and maintain separate user interfaces (UIs) for every deployment platform (i.e. no longer need to write the UI one way for Windows, another way for UNIX and Linux, etc.).

  • Flexible, convenient data access; direct access to a RDBMS and ISAM through JDBC

    isCOBOL enables open access to popular RDBMS environments versus proprietary middleware access, thus improving performance and simplifying support. By leveraging a plug-in style approach to data access, the isCOBOL environment offers numerous options for Indexed and relational database management systems (RDBMS) files. Both these data sources can coexist in the same isCOBOL program, enabling truly dynamic application deployments.

    Directly accessing data through JDBC allows developers to focus on application coding without worrying about what particular data storage solution will be chosen in deployment and eliminates the requirement for a database-specific pre-compilation step during development.

  • Fast and efficient true multi-threaded processing

    isCOBOL programs can start multiple threads and multitask workloads -- saving valuable CPU cycles, memory and startup time. When distributing an application using isCOBOL Application Server software's Thin Client technology, each program runs in a thread instead of launching a separate process.

  • High throughput computing at a low cost

    isCOBOL Evolve includes many features in its base runtime library that other vendors may charge separately for. This includes a debugger, a distributed ISAM file system, a 100% portable Java-based ISAM file system, as well as thin client and distributed processing capabilities.

  • Safe, 'future-proof' path forward for valuable business assets

    isCOBOL allows businesses to retain current COBOL investments while moving forward at a Java pace. By combining the best of COBOL and Java technology, 'Compile Once, Run Anywhere' is taken to a new level.

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Veryant's innovative COBOL offerings are designed to support your current COBOL language syntax and features and are highly compatible with today's common COBOL dialects.

When considering a move to isCOBOL, Veryant can help you assess the level of effort required. To further simplify the transition to Veryant, we offer a range of cost-effective migration services that can be tailored to fit the needs and objectives of your business.

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